Optional Extras

Why not make your bar extra special and upgrade to programmable lighting pack or built in audio.

Programmable Lighting

Lets you set the lighting strips to any colour you choose with the 24 button remote control, it can also be set to change colour randomly and at different speeds.

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Audio Sensitive Lighting Pack

Allows you to set the colour of your choice but will also change colour in time with any music or sounds it picks up, great for parties, take a look at our video here.

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Integrated Bluetooth Audio Packs

These are very discreetly mounted in the base unit of your bar, they come with remote control, bluetooth and analog connections in two options.

Standard Goodmans 30W, great for small rooms with good quality sound.
Premium Samsung 85W with built in Sub woofers, HiFi Quality and great for larger rooms and parties.

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Built In Under Bar Ice Tray

Holds plenty of ice or use it to keep wine or mixers cold. Mounted on the rear middle shelf and can be removed for emptying and cleaning. Approx. 25cm x 12cm x 12cm

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Wall Shelving Packs

We offer a full range of matching wall and floor mounted rear shelf packs to match your style choice. They come in two sizes for rear or side wall mounting, with lighting colour of your choice mounted underside of upper shelf.

Standard 120cm x 65cm with 2 x 15cm deep shelves
Mini 70cm x 65cm with 2 x 15cm deep shelves

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Standard Goodmans Integrated Audio
Home Bar Company Stainless Steel Under Bar Ice Server
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