The origins of the home bar.

The concept of the home bar is believed to originate from the United States during the 1940’s, where a more affluent and sociable lifestyle was the norm.

Like many trends American the concept became more popular over here after the war, and home bars adorned many a living room in the 1950’s and 60’s.

During the 70’s and 80’s the Home Bar fell from grace somewhat, whilst socialising in Pubs, Night clubs etc was very much on the up.

At the turn of the century, everything changed again, a combination of factors like, the smoking ban, inflation, general safety going out, drinking and driving etc have  led to a major resurgence in the popularity of the home bar, particularly now as a much more contemporary and upmarket concept.

At The Home Bar Company we have been manufacturing Home Bars since 2009.

We manufacture from our own purpose built design studio in Warwickshire, all of our address and contact details are published on this website, we don’t hide anything !

We only manufacture from brand new materials, we do not manufacture from  off cuts, or recycled pallets and we never use nails or filler.

Most of our Hi Gloss materials are sourced from Italy, some of which are specially made for the Home Bar Company.

Many people are now preferring to entertain at home, by converting little used dining rooms, that disused study / kids playroom, or maybe a new garden building, games room , converted garage, the possibilities are almost endless.

Most of our customers be it in a mansion, or small semi, devote an entire room for the purpose of a home bar.

Our customers love them, we know because they write and tell us, and send us pictures of their personalised pride and joy !

Further info and tips can be found in “ The Cocktail Lovers Magazine” issue 18 Feature “Space Saving Tips for Home Bars” by Rebecca Milford with contributions to the article made by The Home Bar Company.

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Great ideas, for a lovely evening with friends!