Updated 20th December  2021

Dear Customers

As with all furniture retailers our normal delivery times and delivery service has affected by the pandemic and many ongoing supply chain issues.

Most orders received will be delivered within 3-4 weeks from receipt, we appreciate this is a  longer than our normal published times but this is due to extremely high demand, and numerous supply chain issues that are affecting all aspects of manufacturing and retail in the UK.

Whilst we are working hard to reduce this further by buying in as many materials as possible, we expect continued supply chain issues to disrupt our production process for the foreseeable months to come, however we will always keep you informed if we think anything is likely to delay your order and you are always entitled to a full refund if any additional delays other than those stated are unacceptable to you.

Until further notice all deliveries will be compliant with whatever government social distancing  guidelines may be in force at the time of delivery. This may mean the bar will be delivered and assembled on your driveway, garage or outbuilding if accessible with a trolley. You will then be asked to inspect and sign our delivery note. All delivery arrangements will be made with you by telephone and the appropriate details agreed in advance.

All booked deliveries are  subject to no further restrictions being levied that would prevent  us from doing so.

All received orders will be processed and delivered in the same order as they are received

Whilst we currently hold stocks of all our bar styles we do expect some disruption in our supply chains, in this event you will be contacted and offered alternative options.

We will keep this page updated and may have to make further changes to conform to any further government legislation.

Thank you for your understanding